Beginners Tips

When using Bryce materials and textures there are a few basic things to remember:

Always check you have the most suitable mapping mode selected for your object in the materials lab.

If you don't the material may look warped in places or not wrap around the object correctly. To access the different modes click the little triangle bottom right on the texture window then select the mode you want. Try playing around with different modes to get the best appearance for your materials.

An example of how different mapping modes can make the same material look very different is given in the image below. Each sphere is textured using the same checkered material but with different mapping modes.

Lighting will affect how your materials look

Atmospherics, lighting (including IBL)  will of course affect how materials look in Bryce and you may find you need to make adjustments to the materials default seetings  in the materials lab. Don't be afraid to experiment, and you can always save the adjusted material as a new material in the lab and load it up on your object again whenever you want.

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